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Bible Study Techniques

Much more could be said about each of these study tips.

  1. Come begging God for a lesson.

  2. Remember the Bible's importance.

  3. Seek to understand what the Text says before you attempt to establish an interpretation or application.

  4. Context, context, context!  Stick with the context.

  5. Submit to what you know.

  6. Carefully study the apparently useless passages.

  7. Use study aids such as Balancing the Sword.

  8. Define words.

  9. Cross reference Scripture with Scripture.  This is where the almost 54,000 cross references in Balancing the Sword are so helpful.

  10. Read chapter summaries and book reviews.

  11. Listen to the Bible on CD, MP3, or cassette, or watch and listen on the Bible on DVD.

  12. Give the Lord your best time, energy, and focus.

  13.  Read multiple times.

  14.  Keep notes and write down questions that come to mind.  That's the purpose for the BTS writing space.

  15.  Memorize the order of all sixty-six books.  The structure has logical basis.

  16.  Do not use highlighters, markers, or pens that bleed.  Colored pencils are best.

  17.  Do not mark in your Bible carelessly.

  18.  Visualize the story painted by your reading.

  19.  Read for comprehension, not speed.

  20.  Form opinions at the appropriate time.

  21.  Listen to sermons and read commentaries relevant to a given passage.

  22.  Let the Text speak for itself.

  23.  Look for primary meaning first.

  24.  Ask probing questions to extract meaning.  The Balancing the Sword questions are often directing your attention to key elements that you may overlook.

  25.  Look for patterns.

  26.  Look for parallel concepts between the Old and New Testament.

  27.  Look for commonly associated words.

  28.  Create a framework of understanding first.

  29.  Do not let chapter and verse breakdown distract.

  30.  Pinpoint where a passage fits in the greater storyline of the biblical books.

  31.  Understand the significance of the different literary styles used in the Bible.

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