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Parents in churches all across America 
are losing their most precious 
treasure—their children.


Problem.  Temptations grow stronger every year.  Evil is being introduced to even our very young sons and daughters.   Do not let your children fall prey!   Discipleship must take place in the home.  Sunday school is not enough!  Parents who to teach their children all of the Scripture are equipping them with "the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God" (Ephesians 6:17).  

Priorities.  Although the Bible's value exceeds all the writings of men, the Sacred Text is often neglected.  Parents are often more concerned with their children's growth in chemistry than character and geometry than godliness.  Don't misunderstand, I want children to be great writers, but great righteousness is of more importance to God.  Without history, you cannot understand the present.  Yet, without "holiness ... no man shall see the Lord" (Heb. 12:14).  Where have you placed the priority of your children?  Are you teaching them to treasure what is earthly while giving nominal attention to the treasures of heaven?  How can we say that God is very important, yet give Him little time?  The activities of our hands and feet reveal the deception of our tongues.  If change is not made, children will usually grow up to replicate more of the same mediocrity.

Solution.  Evaluate your current time investment and your current techniques for training your children in the Christian faith.  Only the Bible is needed.  Earnestly study the pages of the Bible with your children---chapter by chapter.  If you are looking for helpful tool, please consider the Balancing the Sword Bible study package.  Thousands of parents have found Balancing the Sword to be attainable to the young while presenting a challenge to parents.

How does it work?  Pick a book of the Bible to study, such as Genesis.  Read the first chapter with your children.  Then, answer the questions in Balancing the Sword for the corresponding chapter.  Reread the biblical chapter to find the questions you missed.  It's that easy!

Comprehensive.  Whole Christians need whole Bibles.  That's why BTS covers ever chapter of the Bible in volume one and every chapter in volume two.  In total there are more than 7,000 questions with more than 12,000 parts targeting every 2.7 verses of average.

Illustrations.  There are over 1,000 images interlaced through BTS.  Do you know what a habergeon is?  The BTS illustrations help bring the stories alive.

Help.  BTS is not a commentary.  However, BTS includes an average of 7.6 cross references for every question.  We know that Jesus raised people from the dead, right?  But, can you cite verses off the top of your head that tell of Him raising the dead?  The cross references put related passages at your finger tips saving you time.  The references are also hyperlinked on this website.

15-Page Sample.  Nothing is as persuasive as trying the product.  Print out a few pages and try BTS for yourself.

Support.  There is also support for families.


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Balancing the Sword is a structured study guide for every chapter of the Bible.