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Language Arts:  Reading I - Book Selection

The following books are recommend for Reading I. Please read the explanation to understand why.

Book BTS Page   General Literary Form

The Law

1 Genesis 1   Historical Narrative and Genealogy

2 Exodus 21   Historical Narrative and Statutory Code

The Writings

7 Judges 97   Historical Narrative

8 Ruth 107   Historical Narrative

9 1 Samuel 109   Historical Narrative

10 2 Samuel 125   Historical Narrative

15 Ezra 191   Historical Narrative and Enumeration

17 Esther 201   Historical Narrative

20 Proverbs 245   Proverbial Poetry

The Prophets

32 Jonah 344   Historical Narrative

The Gospels

41 Mark 378   Historical Narrative as Limited Biography

The Epistles

46 1 Corinthians 446   Congregational Epistle

47 2 Corinthians 451   Congregational Epistle

48 Galatians 455   Congregational Epistle

50 Philippians 460   Congregational Epistle

51 Colossians 462   Congregational Epistle

54 1 Timothy 465   Pastoral Epistle

55 2 Timothy 467   Pastoral Epistle

57 Philemon 469   Private Epistle

59 James 475   Catholic or General Epistle

62 1 John 480   Catholic or General Epistle

63 2 John 482   Private Epistle

64 3 John 483   Private Epistle

Why these books? See the explanation.

Suggested Period: August 24th to June 10th. Would you like to know how to determine when your school year should start and stop?

Create your reading schedule or course itinerary now: BTS Reading Planner software. You may wish to reference the sample reading plan for this course.

Return to the Reading I course description.

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