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Mrs. Susan Kemmerer:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Kemmerer, Susan

659 Schoolhouse Road
Telford, Pennsylvania (PA)  18969
United States of America (US)

Keynote PresentationsCHEA of CA, Bay Area, homeschool convention and leadership convention, 2010.
Featured PresentationsENOCH of NJ Annual Support Group Leadership Conference (2008), and homeschool convention, 2009
CHAP of PA, 2009
SEARCH of PA, 2009
NOVA of PA, 2009

2013 Southeast Homeschool Convention (2013, SC)
2012 California Great Homschool Convention (2012, CA)
2012 MidWest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati (2012, OH)
2011 MidWest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati (2011, OH)
2011 Eastern Panhandle Home School Conference (2011, WV)
24th Annual Bay Area CHEA Convention (2010, CA)
Workshop Presentations2012 Annual Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania (CHAP) Convention (2012, PA)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

Servanthood 101: Teaching Kids to Serve
You're a homeschooling mom. That means you now hold down a full-time job. The hours you used to spend in keeping house are now spent teaching science and correcting papers. Unfortunately, the housework doesn't just go away. Things are piling up. The mess and dirt are making you crazy, and you don't like who you are becoming. You're tired and don't have the strength to stay up late to catch up. And no one is helping you. You're tired of nagging, tired of everyone's laziness, and tired of being everyone's slave. When, if ever, will those kids learn to shoulder their share of the responsibility? Learn the foundational key to teaching your kids how to serve.

Welcome to the Movement
Susan Kemmerer will encourage you to take the plunge and begin homeschooling, but she'll also make sure you don't go into it with rose-colored glasses. She shares honestly about the hard work of homeschooling, but shows that it's all worth it!

What About Me?
Most homeschooling moms find themselves serving everyone in their families but themselves. Susan Kemmerer helps moms to put things into perspective and embrace the high calling of motherhood and homeschooling.

The Sarcastic Homeschooler Duh!
Oh-h-h! Its so frustrating! Your students make the same obvious, stupid mistakes over and over again. And its not just their school work its their overall attitude towards school, chores, and family. And what is my normal response to such obvious stupidity? I'll tell you this a kind and gentle response do not top my list as natural reactions! Yet the Bible tells us no, commands us to put on kindness and pursue gentleness! Abundant grace is available to help you be a woman kind and gentle in your homeschool. This humorous and hard-hitting workshop will show you how.

100% Mommy, 100% Teacher
Do you have a baby, a toddler, or a preschooler running around while you are trying to work with your students? Maybe you have several little ones, wreaking havoc on your home while your older students suffer from your lack of attention! I've had as many as 3 preschoolers at a time, and will share with you the joy I've discovered in homeschooling with preschoolers. This heart-hitting, heart-warming workshop will help you to recognize the work of God in your heart. You will learn tips to help make your day run more smoothly and be reminded of the amazing grace available to you. Courage! You can be 100% Mommy and 100% Teacher - at the same time!

Homeschooling Distractible Kids Who Don't Like School
You've been blessed with this amazing bundle of energy. He has spent the first years of his life climbing anything vertical, "shooting" anything that moves, turning every serious moment into a wrestling match - and doing it all at top speed. And now you want to put a book in his lap and convince him that reading word lists and adding cheerios is fun??? Yeah, right! Homeschooling is the perfect learning environment for this child! Susan, a mother of 9 children (including 7 wiggly boys) shares with you ideas on how to homeschool these distractible little bundles of energy (who'd rather be doing anything other than school) in such a way that you'll be enjoying and utilizing their boundless energy instead of quenching their fire. And, we'll look at our own heart issues which are so quick to well up and spill out on those energetic little heads. This is a fun workshop that will keep you laughing.

Exploding the Supermom Myth
Faster than a speeding toddler. More perceptive than a loco teenager. Able to fold tall towers of laundry in a single hour. Its a maid. Its a teacher. Its Supermom! Not. Is it possible to succeed in keeping up with housework and homeschool?

Is Your Homeschool C.H.A.O.S?
Oh, if only everyone could get along! But, instead, it is C.H.A.O.S (constantly heckling always over something). How do you deal with bickering in your kids so that your homeschool and your home run more smoothly?

A Recipe For Success
Okay, so, I've homeschooled for more than two decades (and have more than a decade to go). Surely I've learned some secret for successful homeschooling! Is there a formula that any mom can apply, or a recipe that will guarantee a successful homeschooling experience? Susan shares 3 ingredients vital to any truly thriving homeschool. A fun and lighthearted, yet hard-hitting workshop that will strengthen your homeschooling foundations and insure a successful endeavor.

Being an Encourager When You Are Discouraged Susan Kemmerer
You thought homeschooling would be the answer for what ails your kids, but alas, it doesn't seem to be working! You know you should be more positive and joyful, but it's hard to see much good in the little sinners that populate your homeschool. All you are able to see is their shortcomings, how unmotivated, self-centered, or worldly they are. After all, you're stuck inside the four walls of your home with them all day long! How can you see your children through a different lens? This workshop will help to equip you with the Holy-Spirit motivated gift of encouragement

Confessions of a Disorganized Homeschool Mom

Help! My Kids Got All the Energy I Got None!

This Kid is Driving Me Crazy! (Being an Encourager When You Are Discouraged)

Susan's Achievements

Has homeschooled (with husband Dale) their children for over twenty years.
Author: Homeschool Supermom...Not!
Author: Research in Increments
Author: Apples: Daily Spelling Drills for Secondary Students
Author: Apples 2: Daily Phonics Drills for Secondary Students
Author: Pennsylvania Keystones
Co-founder: Schoolhouse Publishing

Kemmerer's Bio

Susan Kemmerer is the author of the highly acclaimed book, Homeschool Supermom...NOT!.  She and her husband Dale have, by God's grace, been homeschooling their nine children for more than twenty years - with 5 graduated and 4 to go (or twelve more years of homeschooling ahead!).  Susan has authored a number of textbooks, including "Apples Daily Spelling Drills for Secondary Students" and "Research in Increments."  She has had articles published in several homeschool periodicals, and has spoken at conferences and support groups across the nation, including CHAP, SEARCH, NOVA, CHEA and ENOCH.  Susan enjoys reading, writing, and needlework.  Because she has celiac disease, she enjoys experiementing with gluten free recipes.  Besides being with their children and grandchildren, the Kemmerer's love spending time in fellowship with the believers in their local church.  They are privileged to serve as care group leaders at Grace Community Church in Souderton.  Dale and Susan run their business, Schoolhouse Publishing Discount Homeschool Supply Company, from their home in Franconia, PA.

Own Balancing the Sword?Yes
BTS TestimonialI have been working through BTS for several years now and have appreciated the details, cross references, and ease of use. I love the individualized reading plan software. These beautiful books are truly a blessing to us!
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Date Modified1/27/2011 1:17:30 PM
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