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2012 California Great Homschool Convention


Event Info
Name   2012 California Great Homschool Convention
Location Long Beach Convention Center
0 East Ocean Boulevard
Long Beach, California (CA)  90802
United States of America (US)
Date(s)5/24/2012 - 5/26/2012     Passed

Guest Speaker(s)

Adam Andrews
Amanda Bennett
Jean Burk
Janice Campbell
Martin Cothran
Cathy Duffy
David Gibbs
David Hazell
Rebecca Keliher
Susan Kemmerer
Carl Kerby
Kathy Koch
Kathy Kuhl
Catherine Levison
Grace Mally
Sarah Mally
Stephen Mally
Jobe Martin
Myrna Martin
Alex McFarland
Jeff Myers
Christopher Perrin
Andrew Pudewa
Carol Reynolds
John Rosemond
Jonathan D. Sarfati
Sonya Shafer
Marcia Somerville
Scott Somerville
Zan Tyler
Diana Waring
Jim Weiss
Jay Wile
Todd Wilson
Susan Wise Bauer
Ed Zaccaro
Event ContactKim McMillan
Event Contact
Event Contact Phone513-748-6998

Founded by Brennan & Mary Jo Dean as one of multiple conventions under the Great Homeschool Conventions organization. The Long Beach Convention Center's phone number is 562-436-3661 and website is

Hosting Organization's Info
Name Great Homeschool Conventions, Inc.
Address Cincinnati, Ohio (OH)  
United States of America (US)
Contact Person Kim McMillan
Date Created8/2/2011 11:06:31 AM
Date Modified
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My hope is that this listing will assist homeschoolers in Long Beach, CA find conferences, conventions, book fairs, and graduations.  Furthermore, my desire is to help homeschool event organizers create awareness about their homeschool graduation, conference, convention, or book fair.  May your efforts be for the glory of Christ, for the strengthening of His saints, and for the evangelism of the lost.

Disclaimer:  Inclusion in this list of conferences does not imply endorsement.  Balancing the Sword makes no claims about the Christian orthodoxy of this event nor of its organizers.  This convention information is being provided free of charge.  The accuracy of the schedule, location, etc. should be verified.  Please click the links to learn more and confirm details before setting final plans for an event.  Postings are subject to change.

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