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Getting Started

You joined a network that spreads across the USA and beyond when you purchased BTS.  Be strong!  You can do it!

Begin by (1) watching the video below. (This presentation was formerly published on the old CDs that were found in the back of volume one). Also, (2) register your product code to use the on-line BTS Reading Planner software.  The software is a dream come true for people who appreciate a balanced, structured reading approach.  Enthusiasm without a plan will usually tucker out along the path.

This presentation was on the CD.

Next, (3) familiarize yourself with the key elements in the Table of Contents.  There are several parts to Balancing the Sword, including the Answer Key, which can be easily overlooked.  Don't forget to notice the chart on Metrology and the Biographical Sketches.

(4) Read the Preface.  This is an opening letter from me to you.  After reading this, you will have a higher level of appreciation for the rest of your use of BTS.  Many commonly asked questions that people submit are answered in the Preface. 

Multitudes attempt to read through the Bible; a small percent succeed.  Why?  It is a long distance race and most are not in the habit of faithful reading.  Increase your strength by (5) creating a network of support.  Read with your spouse, children, sibling, or friend.  Read with another family or a group.  (Click here for support for individuals, families, groups, and leaders.) 

Generally speaking . . .

You can start in any book.  The traditional arrangement of the sixty-six books does have a logical order.  The order is not perfectly chronological, but many of the books are chronologically sequenced.  Most people start in Genesis, but this can be hard for some readers because Exodus 20 through Deuteronomy are full of difficult passages which are rarely exposited by pastors.  Begin with the New Testament if that feels more comfortable.  You can also do a little Old Testament in the morning and the New Testament in the evening.  The number one focus is to attain a comprehensive working knowledge of every book of the Bible.  The BTS Reading Planner ® software permits you to change the sequence of the biblical books in endless ways.

 After you get into a routine, change things up a bit to find new ways to enrich your study approach.  Share your ideas at  So that others can benefit.

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Balancing the Sword is a structured study guide for every chapter of the Bible.