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Needed:  Pastors and Teachers

The Lord has bestowed upon you an honored position laden with responsibility (1Co. 12:28).  The anointing in God’s people grants them discernment (1Jn. 2:27), but there is still a tremendous need for "pastors and teachers" (Eph. 4:11).  Although the Lord opens the eyes of our understanding (Eph. 1:18), teachers "caused them to understand the reading" (Ne. 8:8).  Balance the Sword questions highlight most of the talking points upon which you will want to expound.  It is the group's job to read in preparation for your guidance as in the case of Philip and the Ethiopian (Ac. 8:35).  Balancing the Sword does not tell people what to believe, but does stimulate intellectual hunger. 

Organizational Growth:  Individual and New Leadership
All institutions--whether families, corporations, or otherwise--are strengthened by the personal growth of its members.  The stronger the people, the easier the leadership and the more successful the group.  Balancing the Sword will help you edify your team members and raise up additional leaders who will in turn assist growth.

Saves You Time
Furthermore, the cross references zero in on other relating passages without any extra research on your part. 

Multiply Yourself
If you don't have time to lead a group, give these study guides to a trusted member.

Reading Plan in Seconds
You can create a reading plan customized for your group in less than 60 seconds using the BTS Reading Planner ® software.  It has never been easier to have a complete itinerary and comprehensive structured study as it is with the BTS study package.

The sword is the Word of God.

As those who feed the flock (1Pe. 5:2), we want everyone to know the Bible.  Yet, it’s impossible read the Text on your group’s behalf.  Study tools, like Balancing the Sword, make your life easier by getting your beloved flock into the Scriptures.  Who among leaders is not overjoyed to have a freshly energized crowd? 

In an effort to aid your ministry and as a token of appreciation, pastors, professors and other regular teachers are invited to have a FREE copy of the BTS Reading Planner ® software.  Email for more details.  (Include your organization's name, your position, and mailing address.)  Click here for the author's doctrinal statement and additional assistance for group leaders

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Balancing the Sword is a structured study guide for every chapter of the Bible.