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Written Testimonials

"I am very impressed with the Balancing the Sword books. I would highly recommend every Christian to go through this set and give a set to a friend. I applaud Allan Wolfe for his excellent scholarship and for making such a great contribution to Biblical literacy."

Israel Wayne,
Marketing Director of Wisdoms Gate
Author of Homeschooling From A Biblical Worldview
Co-author (CD) of What God Has Joined Together
Covert, Michigan (MI)

"Highest recommendations!

"The Balancing the Sword set is fantastic and a great help!  I do quite a bit of historical research and find these (and the CD which accompanies the page and print) to be a fantastic quick reference as well as perhaps the best Bible-study tool.

"My wife, Theresa said that she was struggling with several OT concepts and when the package arrived—WOW!  It's timely arrival was providential!  She went right to the text in question and the needed direction was right there.  Your Q & A format is perfect for both of us and makes us think about and retain what we read. 

"Whereas I tend to use this great resource for its encyclopedic knowledge and find Balancing the Sword as a quick and easy reference source, Theresa finds it a fantastic Bible study tool to be read front to back, book by book, and followed according to the Biblical order.

"Allen, thank you for providing the Christian community such a rich and valuable resource."

Dan Ford,
Author of In the Name of God, Amen.
St. Louis, Missouri

"In my household, this is the one my high schoolers will use!  I have to say, I am so impressed with Balancing the Sword, that I will gush when I describe it!...  Balancing the Sword should not be strictly relegated to high schoolers; it could also work well for family devotions.  The Bible chapters could be read aloud to the whole family and the questions answered orally as a group.  You could make a game of looking up the cross references and reading them aloud.  This could be used in a church setting as a Bible survey course n or just for your personal study.  It is so flexibleIt is for everyone!"
Dawn King
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, March, 2007

"I have enjoyed using Balancing the Sword very much.  It encourages reading the whole chapter, not just finding the answers to the questions. . . .  The cross-references for each question prove helpful in finding out what other places in the Bible say about the topic.  And Balancing the Sword also provides them right at the spot, instead of having to use precious time finding them.  The many pictures are interesting, and also help by picturing what it was like.  I greatly enjoy reading the quote at the bottom of each page.  I highly recommend Balancing the Sword for use."
John Horn
San Antonio, TX
Age:  11

"I just received your books and I want you to know that I am very impressed.  I look forward to reading them daily."

"We have been using the Balancing the Sword Bible study program for the past few months.  We have noticed a great difference in the way we are all able to retain vital information extracted from the scriptures.  We have also found that the study is appropriate and comprehensible to children as well as adults.  Our eldest sons, ages 12 and 11, are enjoying their newly gained knowledge and have fun questioning each other on what was gleaned for each day's lessons.  We would highly recommend this series of books to anyone, anywhere, who would like to receive a better understanding of Scripture in its entirety and a greater ability to fulfill life's calling . . . to be a willing and effective witness and representative of Christ Jesus.  Thank you for offering such wonderful, biblically sound materials.  May the Lord continue to bless you in your endeavors."
John & Tina Oldaker & olive sprouts . . .
Zachery (12), Elijah (11), Jordan Faith (9), Jonathan (5), Molly Elizabeth (4) and little Caitlyn Nicole (2)
Tok, Alaska

"I began participating in this study guide soon after becoming a Christian.  I had gone to church all my life, so I wasn't unfamiliar with the Bible.  However, as a new believer with a desire to become more deeply familiar with God's word, the curriculum provided a solid foundation for me to grow stronger in my knowledge of the Bible and as follower of Christ.  The concept of a holistic study of God's word is essential for all believers.  As stated in 2 Timothy 3:16, 'All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.'  To this end, this study aid not only covers all scripture from Genesis to Revelation, but extends the concept of holistic study through the comprehensive cross-referencing of verses.  This allows students to understand how the Bible works together as one unified whole that truly is God-inspired.  This workbook has blessed my life immensely and will for anyone that has the desire to thoroughly study God's word."
Matthew J. Marzullo
Zephyrhills, FL
Idlewild Baptist Church
Occupation: Instructional Designer
Age:  31

"I recently purchased Balancing the Sword Volumes 1 & 2....  My intention was to complete Volume 1 on my own, then order another Volume 1 for my son next year as I progressed to Volume 2.  Well, my son leaned over my shoulder the day they arrived and said, "Wow, Mom!  Can I do that?"  So of course, I let him.  He is enjoying it thoroughly.  Thank you for making available such a wonderful --- and beautiful! --- resource for direct study of God's precious Word."
Pamela Y.
Overland Park, Kansas

"I recently started using your 'Balancing the Sword' study guide!  I totally love it!  I have been reading my Bible through the year for several years but had begun to lose interest. By using your study guide it has giving me a new passion for Christ and His Word!  I'm so very excited about having this interest again in studying the Word of God.  Again thanks so much for writing such a great study guide to reading the Bible!  God bless all of you!"
Alfred, ND

"I printed a schedule, and I plan on starting it Monday to the benefit of my soul and my family's. Thanks for the program."
Greer, South Carolina

"We have been enjoying our Balancing the Sword Volume 1 during breakfast time.  I have four children 12, 8, 6, and 4 years old.  While I read the older 3 kids follow along in their Bibles and my youngest looks at his picture Bible at around the same story area.  After reading the chapter aloud I ask the 1st question to the 4-year-old first and then if he can't remember the answer it gets passed to the next oldest.  If he answers correctly then the next question goes to the next oldest.  They love helping each other out with clues.  It was my intention to only cover one chapter a day but they always ask for more!!!"
Escondido, CA

"I purchased 2 sets of Balancing the Sword for our children to use.  The books are wonderful!  I am in awe of the drawings and sayings that you have besides the questions.  For the first time ever, our whole family will sit down to see who can answer the questions, and then we listen to the reading and then go back over the questions.  We have been at it for 4- 1/2 weeks, and I can honestly say that it is the highlight of our day!  The program has opened up our Bible study time to a lot more than book work.  We have had some wonderful discussions, prayers, and family time that have come from our time with the books.  I am so thankful that I purchased these for our homeschool this year.  Before, we have used Bible readers or had curriculums that would focus on a chapter and verse here and there.  But, now that the girls are teenagers, we wanted something that was full of more meat that we could do together!  BTS is it for us!  Thank you for your hard work!  Our family is truly benefiting!  Many blessings.
Southaven, MS

"Thank you for all your hard work.  We are enjoying working through them.  (Though it may take years.)  Sometimes it draws out much conversation.  We are blessed with 9 children whom we homeschool.  We really believe the Lord when He says that He is the one that opens and closes the womb.  We hope to have many more."
Wendy for George and Wendy
Orrville, Ohio

"Reading the references has brought out interesting and often surprising insights and parallels that I wouldn't have otherwise seen!  I also know a little about the effort that has gone into preparing these materials, and I believe that it's reflected in the quality."
Ann Merritt
Lutz, FL
Central Baptist Church - Landmark Baptist
Occupation: Graphic Editor
Age:  25

"I will be leading my family through the Bible with morning devotions and will be using Balancing the Sword as a guide and for questions to generate discussion.  I have also been using it as a guide and source for generating questions for a Sunday school class where we are studying Matthew over the summer.  Thanks."
John I.
Columbus, GA

"My 13-year old son is also doing this with me.  I haven't gotten as far as I had hoped but that is because I'm also reading the notes in the NIV study guide....  I feel like I'm really getting to know the Bible better.  I thank you for the work you put into this program."
Grand Rapids, MI

"Me and my family love Balancing the Sword. God Bless."
Blanco, TX

"I am excited to start using the books.  They look wonderful and a perfect addition to our devotional time!"
Heidi D.
Bemidji, Minnesota

"I have to tell you, I learned something new and very important in the very first chapter of Genesis using BTS, answering the questions and reading the cross-references.  I've already read the Bible though twice, but this depth of study is a whole 'nother ballgame.  This is an AWESOME study!!  Feel free to use that as a testimonial if you wish.  It's from the heart.  :-)"
Scott Sutherland
Oviedo, FL

"I received Balancing the Sword, Vol. 1, 2 and the CD for Christmas.  I am enjoying what I see."
Yorktown, VA

"In 1995-97, attending Allen Wolfe's Bible study Balancing the Sword, I found the experience very rewarding and uplifting.  It was exciting to learn a broader view of God's word in relation to history.  Incorporating Mr. Wolfe's materials were very helpful also in that there were many key references that might have got over-looked, but they were part of Balancing the Sword and he made them pertinent.  Also, I was especially impressed by the maps of the temple as I had never seen one before.  It helped greatly to be able to visualize the times and places of God's people!"
Carmaan R. Kruse
Central Point, Oregon
Portrait Photographer / Business Owner
Age:  28

"Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the Balancing the Sword text.  It is incredibly well written . . . comprehensive and yet prepared in such a way as it would be possible for all ages to answer the questions.  I also liked the Scripture references that you have for all the different questions.  I cannot wait to work our way through it! . . .  So much of the books of the Old Testament I have trouble getting through, especially the books of history!  I am sure this will help."  "[T]he Orlando Homeschool convention at Gaylord Palms is huge!  I always enjoyed going through and examining all the different materials at the vendor fair when we used to attend the convention.  I KNOW I would have bought this book if it had been there."
North Redington Beach, FL

"Dear Friend, We are so excited to have this material!  We homeschool our four children.  We want to use your material for our 16-year old son. . . .  Thank you so much for your time and may the LORD bless you."
Mrs. Christy
Three Rivers, Michigan

"This study guide was the most practical yet in-depth study I have ever been a part of.  With an excellent method of using worksheets with cross-references, this Bible study promotes growth and retention.  I was able to track my progress throughout the study and was motivated to continue.  I highly recommend this thorough study for all people, whether you are a first-time Bible reader or an experienced one."
Tampa, Florida
Missionary and Trainer
Age:  23

"I represent a group of 70 homeschooling families.  We learned about BTS through the home school market.  Several ladies in our group are already using it and love it!  Balancing the Sword has been a blessing to many already, and I pray that the impact that your book has on us and our youth will bring our LORD glory and you and your team HIS gracious, 'Well done!'"
Erika P.
Bella Vista, AR

"I've found it most effective to break my study into two sessions a day.  So far, all has gone splendidly.  Being the type who loves to answer questions, BTS is proving perfect for me!  Thanks again!"
Miss Brooke
Tomball, Texas
Age:  17

"We are in the rural interior of Northern Alaska, Tok Junction.  It is in between Fairabanks and Anchorage, AK.  It is currently -40 below zero here ... a bit chilly ... so lots of time for Bible studies....  (smile)  We are looking at purchasing 6 sets.  My husband feels they would be a wonderful heritage we could pass onto our current 6 children.  I am sure you would agree.  (smile)  Again, thank you for your time and assistance."
Mrs. John ****
Tok, Alaska

"I am a small group leader at my church.  Our group decided that we would like to read the Bible through together.  Having done this before (and started more times than I would like to admit!), I know that reading alone without some form of aid for comprehension is too frequently a recipe for failure.  That is why I was so excited to find BTS!  Thank you for creating this wonderful comprehensive tool for the Christian soldier.  May God continue to bless you and this wonderful ministry He has given you."
James R.
Marietta, GA

"As a new Christian, I was overwhelmed by God's word.  I wanted to know God better, and studying the Bible was the only way!  Utilizing the Balancing the Sword materials really helped me to begin to understand the Bible as a whole entity.  God used the many questions and references to highlight His instruction for my life.  I was both encouraged and inspired to read more and more every week.  The questions were both precise and direct--helping me to be aware of important facts about Old Testament law, Jesus Christ, and our freedom through salvation.  I would encourage any Christian to embark on this journey.  It will change your walk with God forever!"
Carla Horning
Tampa, FL
Calvary Chapel Tampa
Women's Ministry Coordinator/Bible Study Facilitator
Age:  29

"Hi- Thank you SO MUCH for your materials....  They arrived in the mail today, and we are really impressed and excited....  Thanks again.  God bless you!"
Rob and Shari

"I am excited to be using this set of books for Bible as I homeschool my son this year.  My son is 13 and in 8th grade, and we wanted to sink our teeth into the Word and feast all year long!!"
Barbara and son John David
Monrovia, California 

"We were perusing the books and once again, I am quite impressed!  It is quite evident that you have put a great deal of work, time, and love into this literary work.  I know that he [my son in the military] is going to enjoy these study guides and will spend much time reading them."
San Antonio, TX

"My family and I really enjoy the BTS books. Between the questions, images, cross references and quotes, it is easy to see that there was an astounding amount of work put into the project!  Thank you for your work!"
Robert B.

"My experience with Bible study in early years as a believer was to read study guides which asked 'what does the text say' -- fill in the blank, and you are done.  I quickly grew bored of that, and wanted deeper knowledge and understanding.  ....[M]y feeling toward BTS was at first, 'Oh no....all that money and the questions are just boring "what does the verse say, fill in the blank"!'  Then I did one chapter.  WOW!  It was the cross references that made all the difference.  Not only was I getting all over my Bible, I was seeing connections and broadening my understanding of the Text in completely new ways.  I have done cross reference studies many times, but how wonderful to have it all in one place, to have so many rich and interesting references to look up, and to be able to keep notes and answers all together!  What a blessing.  I can't wait to do more!  Thank you so much for this tool.  I am teaching a workshop tomorrow on personal Bible study, and your books and software will be a focal point of the discussion."  : )
Marci O.
Olympia, WA

"Balancing the Sword gave me direction in my study of the Bible.  It helped me read the Bible from beginning to end which I had a problem sitting down and doing until I used this study guide."
Timothy Driggers
Tampa, FL
IT Industry
US Naval Reserve
Age:  31

"Hi! Our family purchased both volumes of Balancing the Sword a few months ago from Vision Forum.  We love the material."  "[O]ur 2 oldest boys, 13 and 11, will be going through one volume each as part of their daily school.  Thank you for your years of hard work---what a blessing it is!"
location unknown

"I have now used BTS for almost a month and absolutely love it.  Knowing that I am going to answer questions after reading encourages me to focus and pay more attention.  The software allowed me to design a reading program that helps me get through those sections that have previously bogged me down.   Thank you for creating such a wonderful product!!"
Graham, TX

"I look forward to starting the reading of Gods word again with your plan.  I am planning on using it with my family to start my 6 kids and wife all on the same page.  God Bless you and your company."
Wantage, NJ

"Thanks for your study.  We bought it from Vision Forum and enjoying it immensely!"
West Lafayette, IN

"I made it a point to load the CD software today and print out my Bible reading calendar.  I just wanted you to know how thrilled I am.  Your presentation is not only very easy to follow it is very thorough.  I have read the Bible through, but not in a systematic way.  I have dreaded other reading plans because of the uncertainty of the time it would take.  But with your plan, I actually have control over the reading time, sequence, etc.  In fact, I should read the Bible through by November at 15 minutes a day.  I also enjoyed the overall presentation.  It is a great tool.  I pray you are able to get into many Bible study groups because this will be an awesome tool."
Penns Creek, PA

"Thank you so much for . . . the Balancing the Sword set. We are so grateful and excited about getting started with it soon.  We'll be taking it to church this weekend so others can see it."
Mrs. Murphey
Ellettsville, IN

"BTS has become quite a blessing to our family.  It gets us in the Word which is so important as you know."

"Again thank you very much for the curriculum.  I am excited to use it and pray that I can do it consistently.  The challenge in my life is to fully use it and be consistent.  Bless your ministry and we will let you know how it goes.  Thank you."
Rica, mother of seven
Madison, WI

"Every Christian homeschooler needs to have a good Bible survey class before graduating high school (in my humble opinion).  In my household, this is the one my high schoolers will use!  I have to say, I am so impressed with Balancing the Sword, that I will gush when I describe it!  Balancing the Sword is a set of two books, software, and web support that will help you and your children go chapter by chapter through the Bible.  There are thousands of thought provoking, objective questions....  The questions are objective and non-denominational.  The goal here is to learn what the Scriptures actually say, then interpret them with the Holy Spirit’s help....  The Balancing the Sword set also comes with the best Bible reading planning software I’ve ever seen.  No kidding.  This software tool allows you to plan a customized Bible reading plan that will actually fit your life....  It is amazingly versatile.  Honestly, it’s worth buying the set just to get this software.  Balancing the Sword should not be strictly relegated to high schoolers, but could also work well for family devotions.  The Bible chapters could be read aloud to the whole family and the questions answered orally as a group.  You could make a game of looking up the cross references and reading them aloud.  This could be used in a church setting as a Bible survey course as well or just for your personal study.  It is so flexible, it is for everyone!  At approximately $70, this program is well worth the money....  It’s a bargain!  Like I said before, I am very impressed with Mr. Wolfe’s work and I believe every Christian homeschool family needs to own and use this set!"
Dawn K., Mom to seven ages 11 & under, four in heaven
New Jersey


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