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2010 California Homeschool Network Family Expo

Trust the Parents!


Event Info
Name   California Homeschool Network Family Expo
Location Ontario Marriott Hotel
2200 E. Holt Blvd
Ontario, California (CA)  91761
United States of America (US)
Date(s)8/5/2010 - 8/8/2010     Passed

Guest Speaker(s)

Catherine Allison
Cynthia Anchondo
Julie Anderson
Sharon Ashford
Chris Ashley
Steve Askin
Maggie Baird
Corin Barsily Goodwin
Jon Bernstein
Bobbi Burger Brunoehler
Kati ""Bee", aka "Mrs. Flutterbee"" Butcher
C. Darren Butler
C. Darren Butler
Jeanette Carlstrom
George Castro
Vera Clark
Kathleen Cotter Lawler
Karla Field
Diane Flynn Keith
Carolyn Forte
Martin "Marty" Forte
Catherine Hanna
Allan Hansen
Shirley Hansen
April Hunt
Beau Janzen
Elizabeth Johnson
Kim Kautzer
Karen Kindrick Cox
Kristin Kinney
Ariella Leeder
Lee Lewis
Stephanie Lewis-Eastman
Erik Lundquist
Mary Ann Malkoff
Lee Martinson
Loren Mavromati
Dorothy McCandliss
Julia Morgan
Alan Nelson
Kat Norman
Susan Nowicke
Katherine O’Brien
Cheryl O’Donnell
Tim O’Donnell
Jason O’Neil
Mark Osterink
Carleen Paul
Kim Petersen
Mike Petersen
Susan Peterson
Brian Philbin
Doreen Philbin
Irene Pritsker
Rita Reese
Francine Ruiz
Jonathon Scott
Efrain Sevilla
Karen Sexton
Talitha "Professor Iris Prism" Sherman
Becky Talyn
Karen Taylor
Dennis "DK" Titchenell
RJ Toftness
Kelly Townsend
Angela Ward
Mark Weiss
Viola Weiss
Robert Wheat
Dinah Williams
Pia Williams
Karen Wood
Melissa Zawrotny
Andrea Zollman
Event ContactHeather Martinson, Expo Coordinator
Event Contact
NotesThere is also a graduation on August 8th, 2010 at the Ontario Marriott Hotel.
Hosting Organization's Info
Name California Homeschool Network (CHN)
Address PO Box 55485
Hayward, California (CA)  94545
United States of America (US)
Contact Person Loren Mavromati, chair of the Expo Committee
Date Created8/24/2010 3:12:35 PM
Date Modified8/24/2010 3:52:37 PM
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My hope is that this listing will assist homeschoolers in Ontario, CA find conferences, conventions, book fairs, and graduations.  Furthermore, my desire is to help homeschool event organizers create awareness about their homeschool graduation, conference, convention, or book fair.  May your efforts be for the glory of Christ, for the strengthening of His saints, and for the evangelism of the lost.

Disclaimer:  Inclusion in this list of conferences does not imply endorsement.  Balancing the Sword makes no claims about the Christian orthodoxy of this event nor of its organizers.  This convention information is being provided free of charge.  The accuracy of the schedule, location, etc. should be verified.  Please click the links to learn more and confirm details before setting final plans for an event.  Postings are subject to change.

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