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1st Annual 2012 Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention - Spartanburg


Event Info
Name   1st Annual 2012 Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention - Spartanburg
Location Spartanburg Expo Center
6655 Pottery Road
Spartanburg, South Carolina (SC)  29303
United States of America (US)
Date(s)3/15/2012 - 3/17/2012     Passed

Keynote Speaker(s)

Voddie Baucham
Ken Ham
Douglas W. "Doug" Phillips

Guest Speaker(s)

Chuck Bentley
Pamela S. Berthume
Larry Blythe
Carlita Boyles
Ken Carpenter
Christi Childs (nee Dunagan)
James "Jim" Demint
Ann Dunagan
Matthew Friedeman
Jeannie Fulbright
Mark Hamby
Jessie Hawkins
Matthew "Matt" Herbster
Laura House
Rebecca Keliher
Stephen Kendrick
Linda Lacour Hobar
Heather Laurie
Jonathan Lewis
Grace Mally
Sarah Mally
Stephen Mally
Jenny Martin
David Quine
Shirley Quine
Woody Robertson
J. Michael "Mike" Smith
Shirley Solis
Debbie Strayer
Joe Tyler
Zan Tyler
Israel Wayne
Hal Young
Melanie Young

Workshop Speaker(s)

Vinod B. Agrawal
Sue Becker
Susan Blackwell
Jan Bloom
Linda Brodsky
Mark Brodsky
Matthew Bullington
Cynthia Buttram
Cathy Canen
Joshua Christensen
Carla Joy Clements
Kristi Collins
Chad Connelly
Ben Davis
Sheila DelCharco
Julie Denton
Ellen Doman
Daniel Ellis
Joaquin Fernandez
Robin Finley
Sharon Fisher
Dale Gamache
Sharon Gibson
Charity Gonzalez
Dara Halydier
Matthew Christian Harding
Mary Harrington
Jim Hodges
Shean Huff
Beth Hunter
Sera Johnson
Erin Karl
Teresa Knight
John Michael Lane
Gordon Lawrence
Barb Leatherwood
Dan Liberto
Bonnie Lisech
Ronda Marshall
Doug McCaleb
Mark McMahan
Ann Meola
E. Ray Moore
Carol Newell
Matthew Newell
Art Nuernberg
Ronald "Ron" Pitcock
William Mark Posey
Kristin Pressley
Sandi Queen
Annette Reeder
Anthony Rondina
Jessica Rondina
Jay Schabacker
Lynn Schott
Sonya Shafer
David Shormann
Analisa Smith
Kim Smythe
Matthew Stephens
Bob Taylor
Carole Touard
Norm Wakefield
Rachel Ward
James "Jim" Woychuk
Chris Yust

Attendance: We expect at least 8,000 total attendees considering our speaker list plus agreements from BJUPress and AIG.

Facility: Over 80,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space which is enough room for at least 500 booths.  Additionally, there are several break out areas and auditorium rooms for 2,000, 400, and 500 people.  Audio/visual available in all classrooms.  There is also a large indoor playset for children and dedicated areas for teens, children, and pre-school age attendees.  There is a 42-foot screen in main auditorium for video presentations and movies.

Pricing: Pricing for families will be $30 for Early Bird discount.

Hosting Organization's Info
Name Teach Them Diligently / Worldwide Tentmakers, Inc. (TTD / Tentmakers)
Slogan"Teach Them Diligently" (Dt. 6:5-8)
Address 2435 East North Street, Ste 1108
Greenville, South Carolina (SC)  29615
United States of America (US)
Contact Person David Nunnery
Date Created7/27/2011 1:53:36 PM
Date Modified10/3/2013 10:38:15 AM
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My hope is that this listing will assist homeschoolers in Spartanburg, SC find conferences, conventions, book fairs, and graduations.  Furthermore, my desire is to help homeschool event organizers create awareness about their homeschool graduation, conference, convention, or book fair.  May your efforts be for the glory of Christ, for the strengthening of His saints, and for the evangelism of the lost.

Disclaimer:  Inclusion in this list of conferences does not imply endorsement.  Balancing the Sword makes no claims about the Christian orthodoxy of this event nor of its organizers.  This convention information is being provided free of charge.  The accuracy of the schedule, location, etc. should be verified.  Please click the links to learn more and confirm details before setting final plans for an event.  Postings are subject to change.

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